Delhi Police Physical Entrance Test Details

Delhi Police Physical Entrance Test Details: Every year the Delhi police open vacancies for the deserving candidates for various posts. The eligibility criteria for all the post differ but the pattern of selection remains the same. For each and every post you first have to sit for a round of written exam, then you have to give a Details about the physical test of Delhi Police and then you have to attend around of interview.

Delhi Police Physical Entrance Test Details

On the basis of your grade of all the rounds, the selection is made. Out of all the rounds, the most important round is the Delhi Police physical entrance test Details. In this round, the strength of your body is checked.It is very important for you to be physically fit in order to excel in the job.

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The job involves a lot of running around and sometimes it also needs a display of force in order to bring peace. The physical test criteria of all the post differ let us.

Let Us Study The Physical Entrance Test In General:

  1. The first and the foremost step are to participate in a race. You have to do a 1600 meters race and you have to finish this race in 6 minutes. If you qualify in this race, then you will be sent for the next round of test. Make sure that before you participate in the race you do a good practice before hand. You should have a good speed and a good stamina. Also, keep in mind that a comfortable pair of shoes will do a lot of good to you.
  2. After the race, the next round is the long jump. You have to do a long jump of 14 feet and you have to qualify this long jump in three tries. The long jump is a sport that each of us is taught during our school days. A good practice will help you to excel in this sport.
  3. After the long jump you have to do 5 chin ups and then a round of the shot put. You have to do the shot put by lifting a 16 pounds balls to a distance of 18 feet.

The above-mentioned Delhi Police physical test Details is for the people belonging to the general category and there is certain relaxation for the physical test for the people belonging to the category of the ex-servicemen, scheduled caste, and the schedule drive.

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The criteria also differ for females. After giving the Delhi Police Details about the physical test the candidate is sent for a physical check up in this physical check up the height, weight, the chest of the candidate is measured. The round of physical test is conducted after the round of written exam and then follows the round of interview. By following the right techniques and a good practice you are sure to clear all the rounds and excel.

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For all the details related to this topic, you can log into the official website of the Delhi police On the website, you will get all the information in detail and all your queries’ will be answered.

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